Exhibit 7

Earlier in the semester I decided to do a business card for the Assignment 5. I personally think this is a huge improvement in my sense of design since then. Some of the reasons that I think this design is way more effective is it shows off my personal lighting design work in the back ground and it allows for the information to be provided on the card. I also think that between the information and the design work the focus is pretty well distributed. I used the opacity filter to help me deliver that difference in information. 

Another large improvement is my usage of color from within the picture. I dragged my color dropper over both photo's to make sure that the black and white were already in the picture. This created a more clear sense of design between the foreground and the background images and information. 

Another large improvement was the cohesion between the back and the front design. I tried to use elements (I.E. The TF Logo) in both as well as I decided to use two pictures where the lighting was predominately blue. 

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